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Level 1
Free Tools

Kickstart your AI journey at no cost with our suite of exceptional AI business tools. Dive into solutions for Customer Segmentation, Lead Generation, Media Outreach, Video SEO, and Regulatory Compliance, all designed to elevate your business operations seamlessly.

Level 2
Knowledge Base

Maximize the value from our free tools by upgrading to a custom interactive company knowledge base. For just £199, it’s the most impactful AI investment you can make, transforming your data into actionable insights.

Level 3

Elevate your business to the pinnacle of AI efficiency with round-the-clock autonomous AI agents. Enhance every facet of your operations, freeing your team to focus on crucial creative and strategic tasks.
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For thousands of years, humanity has been entrenched in the cycle of performing repetitive tasks, a cycle that has spanned over 10,000 generations. At TVAI, we stand on the brink of a monumental shift, with the vision to ensure that this generation will be the last to be bound by such monotony. Our mission is to liberate humanity, enabling us all to engage in pursuits that are quintessentially human, enriching both our personal and professional lives with creativity, innovation, and meaningful interaction.

We’re spearheading this transformation by making the integration of AI into business operations not just accessible, but intuitive, ensuring you remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Our journey begins in the heart of the Tees Valley, where we’re laying the groundwork for a global movement towards a post-scarcity world. By accelerating the adoption of AI, we’re not only enhancing business efficiency and innovation but also paving the way for a future where our focus shifts from mundane tasks to the boundless potential of human creativity and ingenuity.

In addition to our mission of transforming business operations with AI, we are actively seeking partnerships with businesses that cater to other businesses. If your company specializes in services such as marketing, web design, or general business solutions, we invite you to join us in this revolutionary journey. Partnering with TVAI opens up new opportunities to offer AI-enhanced services to your clients, setting the stage for mutual growth and innovation. Together, we can accelerate the path to a smarter, more efficient business landscape.

About Us

Originally established in 2017 under the name Vlogbase, as a pioneering visual search engine initiative from Teesside University, TVAI has evolved. Today, we leverage our deep-rooted AI expertise to empower businesses throughout the region. Our journey from academic spinout to AI trailblazers reflects our commitment to transforming industries and enhancing human potential through technology.

Our CEO Andy Surtees, a long-time advocate for the positive impact of AI on society, leads our mission with a vision that infuses every aspect of our operations. This dedication to harnessing AI for the betterment of humanity guides our approach, ensuring that we deliver solutions that not only drive business success but also contribute to a broader societal advancement.